It is a pleasure and an honor to welcome you to the Kasturba College of Nursing Website. The College was established in 2002 and has the pride of being the pioneering Institution of its kind in Bhopal and is also known for the introduction and innovation of collegiate nursing curriculum in Bhopal. Since its inception, it has trained and educated four batches of successful graduate nurses who are working within the country as well as abroad, to serve people and train others. Some of them are pursuing Post Graduation in Nursing.The Kasturba College Of Nursing is recognized by the Indian Nursing Council, Higher Education M.P. State Government and State Nursing Council, and is associated with 350 bedded BHEL Kasturba Hospital, and affiliated to Barkatullah University  Bhopal.

KCN has well-qualified team of nursing faculty and an expert team of external faculty to provide in-class teaching and learning environments. To gain hands-on experience students are deputed to undergo relevant clinical training in BHEL Kasturba Hospital and other leading Hospitals around and Bhopal. The College is increasingly becoming popular because of its rapid growth, well-maintained standards, and academic advancements. As a leading institution in Bhopal KCON is moving towards a bright future. The Institution envisions and implements holistic and quality education to students. That the passed-out graduates of KCON are employed by renowned institutions (ie. AIIMS, MAX, APPOLO etc) around the world is proof to this fact. We hope the newly launched web portal will greatly help and promote a sound InstitutionStakeholders interface, besides supplementing effective online curricular and related inputs to its Students.

With Best Regards,

Lilly Christopher